• Personal Asset Protection

    Business owners and protect their personal assets in case of a lawsuit. The liability is limited only to the extent of your investment in the entity

  • Credibility and Branding

    Building a brand is critical for your potential customers to associate your business with. Potential customers would prefer to do business with an Corporation

  • Tax Flexibility and Benefits

    There are several tax benefits associated to Incorporating your business. Unincorporated business may be missing out on tax breaks.

  • Access to Capital

    Corporation can issue stock to raise capital. Bank loans would be easier to Corporations as compared to unincorporated businesses.

Incorporating your business is fast, easy and affordable

Create a separate legal entity to transact your business. Start and grow your business. 

  • BizWhys - Nexus made the incorporation process seamless. We have used their services for over 4 years now and their personal service is just fantastic. They actually call and email when they notice that I have not filed a form yet to make sure I don't miss a date. Courteous and kind, a good way to do business.
    Suman J. California

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! There is a way out. You are not alone. We partner with you on your success path. Ask us and we will be glad to help.

Can I Incorporate while on H1B?

Yes, you can incorporate while on H1B. However you cannot work for the company. You can consult with us on the options that will best work for your situation.

Can I incorporate in the United States while I am resident of another Country?

Yes, you can incorporate and run your business even while you are not in the United States. Set up a consultation to discuss in more detail.

  • BizWhys - Nexus Management Group incorporated my business while on H1B . It was structured in a way to allow peace of mind.
    Ravinder G. New Jersey

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